Kinder Wunch Gel Lubrifiant de conceptie pentru cei care isi doresc copii
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Kinder Wunch Conception lubricant Gel for women’s fertile days

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Kinder Wunch Conception lubricant Gel for women’s fertile days

The only lubricant matched to the fertile days of the woman
•The only lubricant, which does not affect the pH value of the sperms
•The lubricant exerts no osmotic pressure on the sperm so that no damage to the cell structure or reduce the motility occurs.
•FREE of preservatives (also from those who are not declared), whereby the sperm can not be “accidentally” killed. è Ritex fertility lubricant creates optimal conditions to get pregnant and supports natural conception.
•8 applicators à 4ml – hygienically packed
•Optimal amount of lubricant per application is placed into the vagina – easy to use

Facts and figures about problems with conceiving

  • According to the WHO criteria around 7% – 8% of the German couples are considered infertile, (the couples are trying to conceive children for more than two years; status 2013).
  • This figures increased slightly in the recent years. This trend can be observed more or less in all industrial nations.

The reason is not clearly identified yet. However a typical “standard-combination” of stress, environmental toxins, increased age of first-time mothers, drug abuse, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, etc. is suspected to be the origin

Consequences of stress by infertility

  • According to studies, about 25% of young women suffer from occasional to regular a lack of vaginal lubrication.
  • While having problems with conceiving, the ratio of women with a lack of vaginal lubrication almost doubles .
  • The consequences: Extra stress through pain during cohabitation, increased likelihood of micro-injuries/ cracks of the vaginal mucosa (increased risk of infection), adverse environment for sperm motility, reduced chances of orgasm etc.

Lubricants for resolving vaginal dryness

  • Many of the conventional lubricants fulfil their purpose (moisturizing the genital region) good to very good.
  • In order not to disturb the chemical balance of the genital region, most lubricants however are set to the vaginal pH of the non-fertile days (around 4.5).
  • Generally for the stabilization of lubricants against contamination also preservatives are used and/ or a relatively high osmolality is set.

These conditions are obstructive or even deadly to sperm.

  • Ritex has developed the lubricant in nearly three years of collaboration with the “Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology” Münster University Hospital (UKM).
  • The UKM is worldwide the only Collaborating Centre of WHO for the Study of male fertility as well as a European Certified Training Centre for Clinical Andrology.
  • In clinical tests, the UKM examined the Ritex Kinderwunsch Conception Lubricant regarding:

–Sperm vitality

–(Progressive) sperm motility

–Sperm morphology

–DNA fragmentation degree of sperm

–Absence of endocrine disrupting chemicals

Result: Ritex fertility lubricant supports optimal conditions to get pregnant.

General advantages of Ritex

1.Long tradition and experience in condom business and production since 1948.
2.Still family owed company, which dedicated to the best quality products and long-term development. Ritex is not influenced by stakeholder and the need for a short term yield as other international companies e.g. Durex, Okamoto, Jissbon.
3.Production in Germany according to the German Quality Standards and EN ISO 13485.
4.Utilization of best quality raw materials and other ingredients in the production.
5.Modern full automatic production supervised by one of the leading experts in the condom production in Germany.
6.Every condom is automatically tested (and not manually) to ensure the Premium Quality.
7.Voluntarily additional test from the independent testing institute Material Prüfungsanstalt Darmstadt, which is one of the leading institutes for quality-testing of condoms.
8.Specially developed washing processes of the natural rubber latex condoms ensure the best result for skin tolerance and reduce of the natural smell of natural rubber latex.
9.Because of the specially developed washing processes Ritex has no need to use perfumes in its condoms in order to cover the rubber smell. This increases the high bio compatibility once again, so the condoms can be used even on very sensitive skin.
10.Ritex neither uses perfumes and colorants in its lubricating gels (except: Passion) but only raw materials and ingredients, which are applicable for medical devices. So the high bio compatibility counts for our lubricants as well.
11.All Ritex condoms and lubricants are voluntarily tested by Dermatest a leading German test Institute for skin tolerance. All products have an excellent skin tolerance and stand for high quality.



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