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SOS Period pain relief heat patch

32,33 lei

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SOS Period pain relief heat patch

  • +Eases menstrual pain+Relieves cramps

    +Flexible fit

    +For the lower abdomen and/ or lower back area

    +Lasts up to 12hours

  • Description
    The SOS Period Pain Relief Heat Patch warms up in contact with oxygen after the package is opened. Its mild warmth offers up to 12 hours of relief from the pain, discomfort and cramps during the menstruation.An adhesive layer allows users to attach the Period Relief Heat Patch to the outside of their underwear to discretely provide pleasant, pain-relieving warmth to the lower abdomen or lower back. Since a woman‘s abdomen is particularly sensitive during menstrual discomfort, the Heat Patch is specially designed to be applied to underwear and not directly to the skin. This also allows the Patch to provide greater, longer-lasting warmth. The fleece material surrounding the Period Pain Relief Heat Patch is soft and flexible, and the curved design provides heat to just the right areas.


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