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HEITMANN Power Stain Salt, 500 g

16,86 lei

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Your powerful helper for spotless and hygienically clean laundry. Use HEITMANN Power Stain Salt to remove greyness and even stubborn, dried-on stains. Its multi-active formula cleans deep into the fibres even at 30°C and ensures hygienic freshness.

  • Suitable for white and coloured laundry
  • Removes all types of stains right down to the fibres
  • Removes greyness
  • Eliminates odours for hygienic freshness
  • Details

    The multi-active Power Stain Salt for white and coloured laundry. Can be used as a washing powder booster and for pretreatment.

    With HEITMANN Power Stain Salt, you can remove greyness and even stubborn, dried-on bleachable stains caused by egg white, starch, grass, red wine, or mud. Thanks to its extra-strong, grease-dissolving power, even greasy stains are eliminated right down to the fibres.

    At the same time, the active oxygen removes unpleasant odours and keeps laundry fresh for longer.

    HEITMANN Power Stain Salt is gentle on colours and makes them bright again. It’s suitable for all detergents and temperatures.

    Multi-active for sparkling white and coloured laundry

    How to use

    • Add 3 tbsp of HEITMANN Power Stain Salt (approx. 50 ml) to the detergent in the main wash cycle.
    For soaking or pretreatment

    • Dissolve 50 g (approx. 50 ml) of HEITMANN Power Stain Salt in 5 l of hot water. Use 75 ml for stubborn stains.
    • Soak laundry loosely and stir occasionally.
    • For stubborn stains, leave the laundry to soak overnight.
    • Rinse thoroughly or wash as usual.

    Important information

    • Do not apply the stain salt directly to laundry.
    • Please refer to the textile manufacturer’s care instructions.


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