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SOS Sport ICE Spray

24,65 lei

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Sport Ice Spray For rapid cooling of the upper skin layer for injuries without open wounds

For injuries without an open wound, the SOS sport ice spray cools quickly and effectively the tissue around the injury.
Through cooling, the formation of bruises and with it the often associated painful features are alleviated. The spray is ideal for the initial treatment of sports injuries, but also for injuries at home. Its handy size means the SOS sport ice spray fits in every sports bag, medicine cabinet and is ideal for when you are out and about.


  • relieves pain immediately
  • cools quickly and effectively
  • reduces the formation of bruises
  • ideal for sports injuries


Spray evenly onto the skin at the site of the injury from a distance of about 20 cm for 1-2 seconds. Wait at least one minute before reapplying. The procedure can repeated 2-3 times.

The sport ice spray must be used as specified. The product must not be used on injuries with open wounds, grazes, cracked skin, etc. Do not use in the facial and neck area or on sensitive parts of the body. There are no known adverse effects when the product is used as specified. Cold injuries can occur if the product is used for too long or is applied too close to the skin.


Refrigerant-propellant butane, propane, isobutane


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